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I hate it when they say that if you live through life day by day, within a blink of an eye, suddenly it feels like it's too fast D:

Now I can't even remember if some songs were made this year or last year owo

Politics exam done. Handwriting speed: . . .Hey, I wrote almost about 2000+ words by hand today and it cramped up on me >w>

Also, being the lazy ass that I am, I hardly studied. I only remember some things by cram study or I read and did it before. I'M DOOMED owo

At the same time, looking back at half a year, I find it hard to believe as to why am I in college in the first place? I'm not the studious type, I hate homework, my interests keeps me distracted from other more important things and I'm still a loner in real life. 

Sometimes that makes me feel as though that I am a failure as my parents have predicted. I'm so insecure about many things ahead of me ;^;

But... with [ profile] silveryxdark who I often collaborate with on writing stories, my English grammar has improved tremendously to the point that I got 4/5 over my FES 2 coursework. Who knew writing fics with friends results in indirectly improving my English? XD

But... other than that, my break is coming soon and I got one more exam to go... Now if I can only cheat by reading an essay repeatedly and pass it off as mine during the exams... Maybe I should not have chosen Sociology and opted for History instead... but then again, I keep changing my mind >w>;

Ehhh... Yummy Takanori Nishikawa? XD

I'll think of the possibility of writing a story by pairing him up with Tetsuya or Gackt ;3

That's allー(· ∀ ·)
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