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I'm staring at the Rich Text format as I post my first journal entry in years and the very first one in DW, and I can't believe how much things have changed that the screen alone hits me with nostalgia of how I first started out in LJ. Just staring at it alone brings back memories of the struggle and frustration of learning how to use Rich Text without fucking up the format, how much I relied on HTML and learning basic coding before LJ made things simpler and actually efficient to post stuff, how much joy in finding another source of releasing my creativity and imagination, like... the simpler days, man.

I'm writing on several of my stories, keeping 3 tabs for Google Docs opened. Two of them are actively updated, while the third tab is used to change in between other stories that my brain urges me to update on. At any moment, I'm updating and editing seven stories alone... I think. There might've been more than seven. More like ten if I'm stretching it.

And yes, I am updating on The Tax Collector. The next chapter for it won't come anytime soon, but parts of it are fixed to make it flow more smoothly for how the story will go! I intended to make it a mini-series and I intend to keep it that way!

As for what else I'm writing on the two active tabs on Google Docs... well, one is for an old one and one is a new one ;)

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