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I've been lacking a pair of scissors since I lost my pencil case weeks ago and recently my correction pen yesterday, so I decided to go to WHSmith to buy them along with a new pencil case.

When I reached to the self service checkout to buy them as if it's normal, that's when the problem starts.

Apparently, there was some restricted stuffs that I'm buying and when the staff arrived to assist me, she asked me for my ID. I asked her what's the use of my ID for and I'm 17. She said that I can't buy it if I'm not over 18.

What the fuck?

...I mean, what the fuck?

I've been buying correction pens and scissors since I don't even remember when. I use scissors because some packets hate me because it has jagged sides and even then, it doesn't want to open for me. I need correction pens because I used black pens more than pencils these days. And why the fuck is there a restriction in not allowing me to buy them? Clearly something is just plain wrong here.

It's not as if I can use them to harm myself. The scissors are more useful for cutting than stabbing and slicing. The correction pen has fumes that can already tell you of its danger of swallowing it.

What's going to happen to me if I use them at all? I stab myself in the eye and then swallow some correction liquid because my arms decided to no longer listen to my body and instead turn against me?

Really something is wrong here if the UK government can't trust its own and international youth under 17 on using them. If the damn government can't entrust such simple things for them to use, it's no wonder lots of them are unhappy.

I hate that age restriction shit. What harm can it bring upon you unless you know how to control yourself? You can't have other people control you.

That's all =w=

Am I weird?

Feb. 1st, 2012 12:56 pm
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Yesterday, on 31st of January, my grandfather on my mother's side of the family passed away. 

My mom was sad and devastated. But meanwhile for me, thousands of kilometers away, I was not sad. 

I was not upset.

I was not devastated.

I was not shocked.

My only response was "Oh."

Am I weird that I gave no emotional response whenever relatives close to me passed on while I can feel shock and sadness over strangers who died?

But I did grieved a bit that his time was up.

But I have no emotional response, because I have this unconscious thinking that I knew that his time would be up anytime soon. He passed away in his early eighties, so I would say that he lived a good, long life. He did the simple things in life that satisfied him everyday.

When my mom told me he died while doing a No. 2 in the toilet while the whole family was with him (sans you know who *sweats*), I told my mom "Hey, at least he lived a good long life. His only regret might have been that he died in an embarrassing manner."

My mom agreed.

She also told me during Chinese New Year, my grandfather came to our house and gave all three of us red packets with all the money he gave to his closest grandchildren. Only my little sister went to receive because me and my sis are still in UK.

Perhaps they have suspected those large amount of money in those packets were indicators that he knew his time was up?

Rest in peace, grandfather. My only regret is that I could not feel grieve, pain or sadness when grandmother died 5 years ago and now you. I hope you're delighted to see her again.


Jan. 29th, 2012 11:33 am
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This is my breakfast in Art Cafe :3

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2011 has passed by so quickly within a blink of an eye. I lived through it day by day, thinking of how slow it is the day ends before another day starts. Now I looked back, I was surprised that I managed to live by it quite well.

2011 is a very shattering time as so many things have happened. The good that is underestimated everyday, the bad that seems to be on the news for weeks at end. 

There were times that I try to see things on both ways, sometimes it makes me cynical, sometimes it makes me think further, to find the cause behind it instead of raging at it all day long. Sometimes I just said to myself: "It isn't worth to be angered over because that's what they want to do on you." Political news, both local and international, pretty much made me change my views. Now I often hear plans made by the government I take it with a grain of salt.

If I hear a good plan that sounds too good to be true, I become suspicious as to wonder is there a hidden motive behind it. If it's bad, then I see on the causes and reasons on why it's bad.

I passed by my 17th birthday with greetings of Happy Birthday by you guys, and it made me happier than spending time with my family this year due to bad decisions which made the rift between me and my mom more apart.

I'm sorry that I'm late to tell you all thank you. ;w;

In just a few days after New Year, I have to pack up and leave for college in UK. I don't know if I can cope with it or not, but I want to be sure that I can. And when I come out to face society, I want to be able to live independently.

I know the recessions have made life sound miserable and hard to live by, but that doesn't mean it does not have opportunities even in a disadvantage. I see things opportunities in good and bad times, and if it's there, I'll take it and see what I can do to succeed.

Ahhhhh~ Now I talk too much like an adult. Time for me to fangirl on one thing that I still never left behind XD

What? You think I'll never stop calling him cute at all? XD


That's allー(· ∀ ·)


Dec. 16th, 2011 07:25 pm
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This is a seal I got from Taiwan :3

And it might end up as a gift for a friend ;w;

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Nov. 13th, 2011 07:44 pm
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An Cafe coming back next year?


Excuse me while I cry a tear of joy on the fact that there is a silver lining in my cloud of despair right now.
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I just received a message from an Russian LJ user called [ profile] dreaming_voice from my inbox asking for my permission to translate my BREAKERZ fanfics into Russian for Russian fans interested in the band and the members. I wanted to reply back but since she had set her options into private messaging, I got no choice but to post my reply here:

"Dear [ profile] dreaming_voice,

Sure! When I read that you'll credit me, that's what makes me more comfortable to know :3
But I'm a bit of a worrier, so the questions here are:

1) How many BRZ fics are you going to translate from my fanfiction archive?

2) Just to be sure, when you're going to release its translated version, can you show me a link of where you're going to post it?

But really, I don't mind. I just worry that somebody's going to plagiarize my stories in other languages. It happened to a few of my friends in here ^^;
And again, I'm less worried now that I read what you wrote :3"

I'll set this post in public to let her know it and hope that she'll reply back to me in this post :3
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But that's what makes him loveable xD

And while on high, Toshi hijacked his drums >:3

That's allー(· ∀ ·)

New layout

Oct. 8th, 2011 05:51 am
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Changed my layout :3

Sorry Maonyan, I like you as my layout, but it was getting boring.

And I needed something to spice things up a bit xD

That's allー(· ∀ ·)
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Due to the disaster that Japan has suffered from, I decided to cease activities on posting any stories until April 1st, when things calm down a bit. But, I WILL post 2 stories on March 14th, for I have schelduled to post it that day.

I hope you guys all understand, friends and readers alike. I just don't feel comfortable at all on doing so after what happened on March 11th ;^;

In the mean time, I hope that [ profile] silveryxdark and [ profile] xcoffee_smilex will understand that as Sil and I are mods to [ profile] baka_kappuru while [ profile] toraxnao_love with Chie, I don't want any stories written based from the earthquake and tsunami. It's too much to those overwhelmed by the disaster, they're still victims from the aftermath, both inside and out of Japan. So I hope you allow me to write about it in our comms ;^;

In the meantime in my hiatus, I'll continue to write, and will start again after April 1st. 
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Lying down with my head on the piano
My fingers fluttering across the keys
Each humming out its melody

I could not help but chuckle and smile
These melody that played out with truth and innocence
Untainted by my self    Who is full of lies and buried truths

I wonder why    Did I pretend to happy and fine?
I wonder when   Did I even thought about pretending?
I wonder how    Did I did not expect the unexpected?
I wonder what   That made me live in a lie?

It hurts   For I    Who swore that I would not lie
Yet I did    Thinking it's for the sake for everyone
Including I

What a grave mistake
Sooner or later   Everyone heard    Everyone talked
Everyone asked    Everyone pointed at I

Looking at them through those monochrome keys
With my loss eyes    I laugh

"Do you want me to play a tune?" I did not hear their answers
My fingers now fluttered across the piano
Each touching a different key 

I played my emotions   The truth inside me
The one that hurts so much    That a drop of tear dripped to my hands

More followed    Onto my thin shirt   Onto the keys
My heart could not stop me crying

I still smiled    I'm playing out my truth   My confession
And continued on

Without regret...

For everyone including Ayabie, let's not lie for the sake of everyone and yourself. The truth hurts, but it heals faster than keeping on a lie.

I hope everyone can recuperate and know that we have to move on.

For now...

Aug. 7th, 2010 07:52 pm
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Ayabie is no more.... Yet my heart tells me they'll still be Ayabie... My mind instead answers back "No, it's not. It's not the same anymore."

For more than a year I followed, this breaks my heart more than all the animals and my grandmother who passed away.

Now, with four of them leaving the label and one stayed behind... No, it's no longer the same anymore.

For my fanfics, seeing this news, suddenly made me lose that touch to write on....

I feel at loss...

But my heart and mind have a same thing in common: They're both stubborn. Very, very stubborn.

Trained to accept both good and bad outcomes no matter what, they suddenly worked together and tell me not to break down, stand up, and write this out, explain yourself. I did.

So here is an announcement from me, as a good friend I try to be to all:

I'll still be around LJ, stalking you without notice or not. I'll still update my journal, but no longer in a usual time. I have exams, so I must be concentrating for that now.

But for my fanfics... They're my treasure, my relief medicine to ease out stress, my way to write and share my writings to all. Destroying the, is useless, so they will still be there. The stories will always be there for you to let you read...

For now, until I can find back that touch again, I'll put my writing activity in hiatus

Until around my time after the exams, I should use much of my time to properly recuperate myself... to be that 'me' that cares no obstacle that comes by... to be that 'me' that has endless fascinating things to tell you... to be that 'me' that will bring you out from sadness and despair...

For now, I too, am broken like some of you. Until then, until I can write stories again and be myself, I can no longer say "That's all" in each greeting to end this...

Let's all say "We'll meet again"...
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Sitting down looking at the screen,
My eyes,   Gaped open    Like Death has come to me

All those months   You've kept quiet
Those silent warnings   Hit us hard

I can feel   These hearts you've nutured along
Break like crystal   Into a million directions
Each one confused and lost

"You should've told" They all say
You stayed quiet   Knowing what's done is done
You knew   That some of them knew too

But alas   Even they could not accept it well
Tears that have become rain as you looked on

Those quiet warnings   became one's nightmare
To know   "It happened"

"I know  I'm sorry"   You've answered

But then   A miracle happened
Those shattered crystal pieces  Started to link   To each other

One by one   Let's be close by
And promise,   we will continue to be there for you


Jan. 1st, 2010 12:02 am
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I wish you a...


30? 29?

Nov. 22nd, 2009 11:58 am
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I've been pretty much busy re-studying and writing my fics that now it's my form of taking away boredom, other than the internet.

My countdown to my birthday left is 30 days, or is it 29? Since it's in Dec 21.

Lately, I'm likely have been becoming a nocturnal. I took a nap at 4 in the afternoon and suddenly woke up at 2 in the morning!!!

Crazy or what?! It's been 3 days like that T.T

Well, gotta relax and listen to Ayabie's 'Soprano' ^_^
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Seems like I need some attention to actually to listen to the subjects in my class T_T

It's like, if the teacher just teaches everything you need in math, I just lose my concentration of caring that subject (note: my math has been degrading)

On the other hand in Malay language class, if the teacher smplified the teachings, I understand what she's telling us what to do...

Chinese... I just study some poem I know and just follow the rhythms XD

Science is oddly easy, just tell me some of it and my memory brings back the info I need

No need to ask my English, having a disicpline teacher as your mental hellish teacher from your original class till my retake exams' class, demotivating you by saying little kids are better us has already pissed me off. It's impossible to get an average of A in it unless you keep a low profile and pass his class.

I wish there's some cake or pastry in my home right now, I'm craving something sweet lately

Ayabie's 'secret room' is soothing for me from its smooth jazz like classicalness
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*sniff*  Okay! I'll write Mostly Ayabie fanfiction but i'll also put other Jrock Bands I know. And I might write my journal (which is rare) . Now here's the thing, in a random event I will put up some random pairings from my haywired mind and you vote. Remember this, the number of pairings YOU   can choose depends on the limit    I  put on. The pairing that has most  votes or discussed will be the first thing I'll write on my notebook.

Other than that, enjoy this might-be-boring stay!  >w</
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