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2013-10-26 06:13 pm
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The Borough Market is a place where I love and hate to go. And I'm not kidding.

For the last 2 times I visited there, truth be told, I always feel excited at first. But then when my excitement wears down, I always tend to sense that I overstayed my welcome, even when in reality, I'm not. But that feeling still lingers to me, and it makes me feel like an asshole, I get scared, and wish that I leave as soon as possible.

I actually really like to visit markets, looking at meats, fruits and vegetables and food made and sold there. But lately whenever I visit the Borough Market and leave, I feel like my experience going there is like a disappointment. Sometimes I feel like I'm threatening people's lives for their jobs and duties whenever I open my mouth and say something I shouldn't say before quickly defending myself to make sure that I don't fall into more trouble than I should with my stupid mouth.

But just as much as I feel like an asshole for doing that and admit and agree that it's the employee's right to intervene when I break the rules right in front of them or admit it out loud, sometimes I think of what it's like to oblige the rules and laws made out of fear rather than respect or nonchalance.

At the same time though, it makes me think that I should stay at home rather than go outside and offend a whole lot of people from my stupidity, naivety, and ignorance. Which makes me feel shittier in a couple of hours than I do in a day or two.

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2013-10-01 07:15 pm
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What the hell have I been doing?

My second year in Uni started. And so far, I literally have not felt like I've done much during my summer holidays, even though I did, but they are few and far between.

At the same time, I feel frustrated that I only got 4 KenxHyde stories posted so far, and haven't been writing with my favourite pairings. It doesn't upset me that there's not many Jrock pairings that really interested me since 1) they're the mainstream pairings, 2) some of my favourite writers have not been active, and 3) although there's a shit ton of other fanfiction to sate me, they just don't really satisfy me.


I think at the very least, I should try to write, finish and post them. I itch to write.

I want my mind to go beyond the story that's been playing over and over and make new ones, no matter if it's domestic, a little dirty or adventurous.

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2013-05-07 12:44 am
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Not surprised, but still feel disappointed

I checked on the final results of the recent Malaysian election. Honestly, since December, I was not entirely surprised that BN will win with the way rigged elections go. I even told that to my parents and their friends and my high school teachers, and they agreed with me. However, there's this sense of disappointment inside me.
I'm asking myself on what are the disappointments. )
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2012-09-10 06:17 pm
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Why am I considered partly hardcore again...?

Today I had a dental implant for my lost teeth. So far the first stage was quite fast to finish in just an hour or so. It wasn't so bad having a metal crammed up to my upper jaw, despite the dentist letting me see snapshots of my gum got cut to reveal the membrane inside it and how he explained that the surgery could've failed if the bone cracked by the metal during the bone grafting session.


The reason why I only know that after the surgery was because I requested to have my eyes covered over by a sheet so that the less I see, the less I know and worry.

It was only when the anaestathic began to wear off that the nightmare started.

First, agonizing pain. I don't know if it's the same or worse than that time when I had my wisdom teeth extracted. But since I can eat small bits of food, that is somewhat a shining light. Because of the pain, I can't smile or pull my upper lip up to assess the damage. Even my huner got stave off because of the pain.

Next, blood. Constant bleeding. And just to add the nightmarish element, a blood ball was formed and it looked horrible, as you can imagine. Crimson red bordering to black. Then it fell off and landed on my tongue when I was napping to take off some of the pain after taking painkillers.

I know unimaginable pain will happen after the surgery, but it still hurts. There was so much blood in my mouth that I got pretty used to the taste by now. I feel as though a membrane is trying to grow around my front teeth in order to heal the soft tissues....

That doesn't mean that this should pull you off from having dental surgeries, because eventually it'll get better. And hey, a metal crammed up to my jaw to become part of the family.

I've had root canal surgeries, had a dead tooth pulled off, got my wisdom teeth extracted, and now a dental implant. I'm more used to having a needle stabbed to my mouth than on my arm. So I'm somewhat hardcore to tolerate through all that pain.

Now I just need a week or two to get over with the pain.

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2012-07-07 09:51 pm
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What to do with this term's coursework...

I have to do a Powerpoint presentation and a coursework for this term's FES, which is now called FSS, and I have two choices in my mind:

Sherlock Holmes and its impact in fanfiction or,

Al Bowlly

I didn't know what to choose at first but in the I chose the latter, because the teacher told me that Sherlock Holmes is too common of a subject... and I have no interest in Sherlock Holmes, to be honest.

So Al Bowlly and his brilliant voice it is!

And this is how I relax other than listen to Yann Tiersen and classical music |3

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2012-06-11 12:53 pm

I'm branching out?!

Although I don't have Tumblr (nor do I want one because of its messy search system), I've been visiting it just for the pretty pictures and humour. Then I stumbled about JGV - Japanese Gay Video gifs

...Helloooooooo delicious stuffs~

It was already somewhat NSFW in the first place since I'm talking about people from the pornography industry XD )

Long post, long post~

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2012-06-06 07:58 pm
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Half a year, why so soon?! D:

I hate it when they say that if you live through life day by day, within a blink of an eye, suddenly it feels like it's too fast D:

Now I can't even remember if some songs were made this year or last year owo

College and exams and insecurity for my future... )

Ehhh... Yummy Takanori Nishikawa? XD

I'll think of the possibility of writing a story by pairing him up with Tetsuya or Gackt ;3

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2012-04-16 11:18 am


I've just read Manabu's new blog entry...

06/29(金) Zepp Tokyo
チケットぴあ 0570-02-9999(Pコード:168-748)
ローソンチケット 0570-084-003(Lコード:76312)
info:H.I.P. 03-3475-9999 /

Ayabie together again for one day for the first time in two years...? O A O

... ... 

It's been two years.

Two. Years.


I... I just can't believe that they'll be on that stage in Zepp Tokyo for just one day... And they'll be practising for a few days before that date...

Wouldn't... Wouldn't it be awkward after presumably that they have not much contact for the last 2 years?

I've been a fan of them for 3 years now, and even after my heart broke seeing them separate in order to go on and I still supported them, my mind seem to can't take that info in too well that the possibility of that short reunion is there.

I don't even know if this is big change or not ._.

Someone console me? ; A ;

 That's allー(; ∀ ;)

PS: Would it blow my mind for me to think if that might be the other Aoi (the GazettE)? ;w;


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2012-02-29 03:21 am
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If you asked....

Then yes, I did changed my layout.

If only because my Acid Black Cherry picture for removed by Photobucket of all things, so the next best thing that I can find other than Plastic Tree was Sugizo. But it was better than having a black screen all the way >w>;

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2012-02-15 10:21 pm
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It's been a while that I actually laughed till I cry

Yep, if ballads were really this realistic and crazy I would be satisfied to the world. XDDD

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2012-02-07 04:57 pm
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Of correction pens, sicssors and IDs

I've been lacking a pair of scissors since I lost my pencil case weeks ago and recently my correction pen yesterday, so I decided to go to WHSmith to buy them along with a new pencil case.

When I reached to the self service checkout to buy them as if it's normal, that's when the problem starts.

Apparently, there was some restricted stuffs that I'm buying and when the staff arrived to assist me, she asked me for my ID. I asked her what's the use of my ID for and I'm 17. She said that I can't buy it if I'm not over 18.

What the fuck?

...I mean, what the fuck?

I've been buying correction pens and scissors since I don't even remember when. I use scissors because some packets hate me because it has jagged sides and even then, it doesn't want to open for me. I need correction pens because I used black pens more than pencils these days. And why the fuck is there a restriction in not allowing me to buy them? Clearly something is just plain wrong here.

It's not as if I can use them to harm myself. The scissors are more useful for cutting than stabbing and slicing. The correction pen has fumes that can already tell you of its danger of swallowing it.

What's going to happen to me if I use them at all? I stab myself in the eye and then swallow some correction liquid because my arms decided to no longer listen to my body and instead turn against me?

Really something is wrong here if the UK government can't trust its own and international youth under 17 on using them. If the damn government can't entrust such simple things for them to use, it's no wonder lots of them are unhappy.

I hate that age restriction shit. What harm can it bring upon you unless you know how to control yourself? You can't have other people control you.

That's all =w=
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2011-12-26 02:00 pm

Ah, a year has gone by so quickly...

2011 has passed by so quickly within a blink of an eye. I lived through it day by day, thinking of how slow it is the day ends before another day starts. Now I looked back, I was surprised that I managed to live by it quite well.

2011 is a very shattering time as so many things have happened. The good that is underestimated everyday, the bad that seems to be on the news for weeks at end. 

There were times that I try to see things on both ways, sometimes it makes me cynical, sometimes it makes me think further, to find the cause behind it instead of raging at it all day long. Sometimes I just said to myself: "It isn't worth to be angered over because that's what they want to do on you." Political news, both local and international, pretty much made me change my views. Now I often hear plans made by the government I take it with a grain of salt.

If I hear a good plan that sounds too good to be true, I become suspicious as to wonder is there a hidden motive behind it. If it's bad, then I see on the causes and reasons on why it's bad.

I passed by my 17th birthday with greetings of Happy Birthday by you guys, and it made me happier than spending time with my family this year due to bad decisions which made the rift between me and my mom more apart.

I'm sorry that I'm late to tell you all thank you. ;w;

In just a few days after New Year, I have to pack up and leave for college in UK. I don't know if I can cope with it or not, but I want to be sure that I can. And when I come out to face society, I want to be able to live independently.

I know the recessions have made life sound miserable and hard to live by, but that doesn't mean it does not have opportunities even in a disadvantage. I see things opportunities in good and bad times, and if it's there, I'll take it and see what I can do to succeed.

Ahhhhh~ Now I talk too much like an adult. Time for me to fangirl on one thing that I still never left behind XD

What? You think I'll never stop calling him cute at all? XD


That's allー(· ∀ ·)
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2011-12-16 07:25 pm


This is a seal I got from Taiwan :3

And it might end up as a gift for a friend ;w;

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2011-10-08 05:51 am
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New layout

Changed my layout :3

Sorry Maonyan, I like you as my layout, but it was getting boring.

And I needed something to spice things up a bit xD

That's allー(· ∀ ·)