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Although I don't have Tumblr (nor do I want one because of its messy search system), I've been visiting it just for the pretty pictures and humour. Then I stumbled about JGV - Japanese Gay Video gifs

...Helloooooooo delicious stuffs~

After scouring around in just a few days, and joining a comm in LJ, I discovered Kano Eiji.

Kano Eiji

Holy hell... How does such a cute person like this exist?!

title or description

His old hairstyle almost made him look like IV from ViViD. Then again, when I went to the KO Company site, I can see a few others who almost look like the Jrockers that I know of. OTZ

I like the scenes where he appears, and I like that he has a good response during intercourse (to the point that he looks like he enjoys it). He has even better response when paired with model T-san.

title or description I've seen some vids of them together, and they're intimate to the point where you feel like you're disturbing them. o_o

Long story short, I've discovered a new OTP to ship. In the Japanese gay porn industry of all places XD

The one thing that does makes me sad is there is no T-sanxEiji fics around. It seems like because the porn is already there, there's hardly any or no fanfiction of them at all. That really makes me sad....


I'm a fanfic writer. When there's no stories of it around, I'm right here to initiate it! Why would I not write AkihidexDaigo after watching REAL LOVE? ~w~

I'm already writing some parts of the story that I want to write about them and it's around 1,500 words so far. But I need more information in this private area to get some parts right. I already went to a Chinese fanblog dedicated to Eiji and found out some surprising information that English fanblogs don't have. 6 months in UK and my Chinese has not rusted that far yet.

So far in the bio info, T-san's real or a bit more realistic name is Takeshi and probably older than Eiji by a few years. But there's still not enough information for me to write more on what's going on for now. But I might have to change some parts to get it right as possible.

Sorry, but no Takanori Nishikawa for now. My interests have placed this to be the bigger priority to write for. ;w;

But still, I WILL write that since I've already got an idea on what to write! *^*

Long post, long post~

That's allー(· ∀ ·)
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