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Although I don't have Tumblr (nor do I want one because of its messy search system), I've been visiting it just for the pretty pictures and humour. Then I stumbled about JGV - Japanese Gay Video gifs

...Helloooooooo delicious stuffs~

It was already somewhat NSFW in the first place since I'm talking about people from the pornography industry XD )

Long post, long post~

That's allー(· ∀ ·)
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I just received a message from an Russian LJ user called [ profile] dreaming_voice from my inbox asking for my permission to translate my BREAKERZ fanfics into Russian for Russian fans interested in the band and the members. I wanted to reply back but since she had set her options into private messaging, I got no choice but to post my reply here:

"Dear [ profile] dreaming_voice,

Sure! When I read that you'll credit me, that's what makes me more comfortable to know :3
But I'm a bit of a worrier, so the questions here are:

1) How many BRZ fics are you going to translate from my fanfiction archive?

2) Just to be sure, when you're going to release its translated version, can you show me a link of where you're going to post it?

But really, I don't mind. I just worry that somebody's going to plagiarize my stories in other languages. It happened to a few of my friends in here ^^;
And again, I'm less worried now that I read what you wrote :3"

I'll set this post in public to let her know it and hope that she'll reply back to me in this post :3


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