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Seems like I need some attention to actually to listen to the subjects in my class T_T

It's like, if the teacher just teaches everything you need in math, I just lose my concentration of caring that subject (note: my math has been degrading)

On the other hand in Malay language class, if the teacher smplified the teachings, I understand what she's telling us what to do...

Chinese... I just study some poem I know and just follow the rhythms XD

Science is oddly easy, just tell me some of it and my memory brings back the info I need

No need to ask my English, having a disicpline teacher as your mental hellish teacher from your original class till my retake exams' class, demotivating you by saying little kids are better us has already pissed me off. It's impossible to get an average of A in it unless you keep a low profile and pass his class.

I wish there's some cake or pastry in my home right now, I'm craving something sweet lately

Ayabie's 'secret room' is soothing for me from its smooth jazz like classicalness
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*sniff*  Okay! I'll write Mostly Ayabie fanfiction but i'll also put other Jrock Bands I know. And I might write my journal (which is rare) . Now here's the thing, in a random event I will put up some random pairings from my haywired mind and you vote. Remember this, the number of pairings YOU   can choose depends on the limit    I  put on. The pairing that has most  votes or discussed will be the first thing I'll write on my notebook.

Other than that, enjoy this might-be-boring stay!  >w</


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