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I checked on the final results of the recent Malaysian election. Honestly, since December, I was not entirely surprised that BN will win with the way rigged elections go. I even told that to my parents and their friends and my high school teachers, and they agreed with me. However, there's this sense of disappointment inside me.

I'm asking myself on what are the disappointments.

Is it because since I still can't vote, that I feel like I'm helpless? That I'm still chained from the starting line instead of being able to try? Or is it because there's still that tiny hope that there's a change, that I can finally see the incumbent party be pegged down a few notches?

I know that there are similar corruption issues in governments around the world, but if it's in the country you're born in, sometimes it hits you right at home.

At this point, my apathy towards the political situation in Malaysia is that chances for moderate progression to better change is slim to none, chaos is more likely and the only way the nation can ever be in good change is if the entire government system collapses and die while a new one will be born.

I think the time that disappointment will never hit me is when changes happen, then I'm surprised, not disappointed.

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